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    “Music transforms my vulnerabilities into growth,” says 19 year old singer-songwriter Tanya Shah

    In conversation with Tanya Shah, a singer-songwriter from Mumbai. She’s looking to collaborate with likeminded musicians and instrumentalists. You can contact her for commercial gigs, playback singing and performing at events too. 

    At the Open House, Tanya Shah from Mumbai serenaded audiences with her soulful voice, crooning to us a few originals like Dizzy, Water+Rum and Vacant alongside Ramya Pothuri, leaving us all wanting more. We’ve known Tanya a short while, but OH wasn’t the first time that we received enquiries about her talent; Dysco introduced Tanya to Jugaad Productions, where she collaborated with them for a film audio requirement too. Only 19, and already a professional singer and songwriter, and she had quite a few stories to tell us about how she got to where she is today.

    Currently pursuing a Liberal Arts degree from NMIMS University, she is also studying music on her own, and performing at various events.“I loved the stage and loved performing as a child and that slowly culminated into a love for music that mainly came from my mother who loves to sing,” she adds, when asked where her journey began. Artistic from her early childhood, Tanya had her aspirations set on becoming a vocalist. “I was remember being awestruck when Miley Cyrus’s song, ‘The Climb’, was out and I would try to imitate her voice,” says Tanya.

    For Tanya, being a vocalist was hardly a decision made on a whim. “I trained in Hindustani Classical for around 2 years and Western vocals for 2 years under Ms Jennifer D’Souza and then 2 years at The True School of Music in Mumbai,” she quips. With a long list of places she’s performed at, Tanya gave us a low down, “I’ve performed at Blue Frog, Tuning fork which is now the Habitat, Aleph, Tilt all day, at Qtube Café for their Pen and Paper Sessions along with Phoenix Mall and now Open House Bangalore.”

    We guess part of being a songwriter is that the lyrics are true to heart, when you’re writing for yourself. Tanya confirms this and says, “I absolutely love writing lyrics that are extremely honest. They might be kind of dark but are usually all inspired by real life situations that have had an impact on my life. I feel like sometimes what I write about puts me in a vulnerable place, but when it comes to music I think that’s my most favourite place to be. Where I’m most open and free to share.” She feels a kinship with musicians who share the same outlook, those who write with depth and create based on what’s true to them. 

    “I think I’d love to experience it all if possible”

    Being a fan of indie music, her songs reflect her personal style and preferences, infusions of acoustic, pop as well as indie elements, as the audiences at WeWork Galaxy got a chance to witness. “I’m really into chill pop and vibe infused music as well so I’m hoping to include those elements what I’m making and performing. Dream pop captures this essence quite perfectly so I’d say that’s what I’d really want to do eventually.”

    Tanya is open to collaborations and would love to work with like-minded artists and instrumentalists who share her taste in music. You can reach out to her on Dysco for commercial gigs, playback singing, as well as performing at more events like Open House where songwriters and bands come together. “Honestly, any place where there’s a need for music and singing, I’d love to take upon and see what happens and have fun and learn. I think I’d love to experience it all if possible,” she adds.

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