Series / 6 min read / by Khrisha Shah / Sep 28, 2017

Abheet is a Musician, a Photographer, an Art Director and a Triple Major Because “Why Not?”

In conversation with Bangalore-based Abheet Anand, co-founder of two entities, creative consultant, professional musician and photographer. 

He’s funny, he’s witty and he’s multitalented. We tried, in vain, to categorise him professionally, and then just decided to remain awestruck at all he manages to do. 22 year old Abheet Singh Anand holds a triple major in Communications & Media, English Literature and Psychology, and is currently studying to become a High School teacher and will soon pursue a masters in English Literature. Now, he’s a professional musician and photographer, an Art Director and a Creative Consultant amongst other things. 

When we asked him what pushed him to explore such diverse fields, he said, “Soon after I graduated college, I worked at Radio One as their graphic designer but soon shifted to Little Black Book as the Assistant Photo Editor. One year later, I realised that a regular office job wasn’t my calling and I really couldn’t work for anyone. I’ve always collaborated with others and enjoyed the process a lot more!” Dabbling in various projects and ventures allowed Abheet to hone his interests and let them coalesce into distinct identities. In a short span of time, he developed his aesthetic and style across mediums, which set the stage for his multidimensional career and two companies, Frisk, a creative agency, and its sub-venture _found,  an art collective, both of which cater to a host of clientele. 

“I’m probably going to be doing the same 14,329 things that I’m doing right now till I’m six feet under. Or probably just keep doing more.”

“I’ve been taking photographs since I was maybe 10 years old and I still have all my old analog cameras that my mum and grandpa gave me while I was growing up but I started shooting digitally and very seriously once I started college.” Abheet began freelancing as a photographer after quitting his job at LBB, and began photographing professionally at 19. As an Art Director and Photographer, Abheet has experience offering both B2B and B2C services. Frisk offers creative consultancy to professional enterprises looking for brand reinvention and creative re-imagination. _found caters to musicians and artists, they create art for other artists.

Speaking about his personal preferences and approach, he revealed the thought and process behind each of his shoots. We noticed traces of his education in his reasoning, as he told us, “Photojournalism has always been extremely close to my heart and you can probably see a very documentation oriented style of shooting with my work. But there is a deep paradox with my shooting where I either like to shoot to document (in the case of my concert, street, and wedding photography) or shoot to tickle your aesthetic sensibilities (in the case of lifestyle, portraiture, fashion). I’m always learning with every shoot I do but I do know I like to keep things simple and clean! Or extremely clustered and frantic. I just try my best to portray who the person is in front of the camera to the best of my abilities.”

A man of many, many talents, Abheet goes on to tell us about his life as a musician, the various bands he plays with and the music he creates himself. At the moment he plays bass for Tangents, Haiku Like Imagination, The Wait, and The Imaginary News, while in the past he’s jammed with Shepherd, Space Is All We Have, and Clown With A Frown. As an independent musician too, he’s active across the nation. “I continue to to session with other musicians across the country, and I also make my own music. Maybe you’ll hear it some day, maybe you won’t!” Being on stage, with an instrument in hand is natural to Abheet now, giving him an innate advantage when it comes to photographing others in those very shoes, or consulting and ideating with them. 

What keeps him motivated to do so much, you ask? “A constant flood of information and consumption of all that information in every possible form is what pushes me to create. I really just like making things because why not!”

Why not, indeed!  

He speaks with hunger and with passion, eager to experience and experiment insatiably. “I’m probably going to be doing the same 14,329 things that I’m doing right now till I’m six feet under. Or probably just keep doing more. I like to keep things honest and true, no matter what I do.” He’s looking to take up interesting and challenging opportunities, across any medium or area. Working with him is likely to be a unique and invigorating experience, if that piques your interest, you can connect, collaborate and talk to Abheet on Dysco!