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These 9 Freelance Graphic Designers Have Got Minimal, Vibrant and Experimental Covered

With almost every business or venture going digital, the demand for freelance graphic design work seems to be skyrocketing! Dysco receives numerous enquiries from brands, entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers and agencies who need short term or urgent design work. There are plenty of platforms where you can find lists and lists of freelancers, but how do you know who is available and the right fit for your project? That’s where we come in! We have curated a selection of 9 young and talented graphic designers, who are looking to take up freelance design projects.

Whether it’s for website or app UI design, social media graphics, movie posters, newsletter designs, corporate brochures, product packaging, book cover illustrations, music or travel inspired designs or digital photo-editing – you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. Learn more about each designer’s specialty, interests, and background, browse through some of their work, and message them on Dysco if you want to collaborate with them! If you need more help or would like a personal introduction, message us on and we’ll find you the perfect match. 

Alok Anand

Based in: Delhi

Collaborate with Alok: For visual design, branding and UI projects; travel, adventure and automotive related designs.

Alok is a graphic designer who primarily works on illustrations and visual graphics. He studied at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and has worked as a professional graphic designer for the last 3 years, while sketching and exploring digital mediums on the side. In a short span of time, Alok has gained substantial experience on branding projects, logo design and wall graphics, for a diverse set of clients. He recently did the branding and interior decor for a pub called SaintsnSinners, with the lofty objective of enhancing the ambience of the venue. A lot of Alok’s designs and patterns have been used for everyday products, including bags, book covers, home furnishings and other products. Heavily inspired by adventure and travel, a keen eye can spot subtle traces of these themes in a lot of his work, particularly his personal and passion projects. It’s difficult to typify his work, as his designs range from modern and minimal to vibrant and geometric – he stays away from monotony. Alok is looking to work on branding, UI, and visual design projects, so reach out to him if you want to try something new.

Ayush Yaduvanshi

Based in: Pune
Collaborate with Ayush: For simple and clean UI designs, small freelance projects, or digital photo manipulation.

Incidentally, Ayush is currently pursuing his B Tech in Computer Science Engineering, and freelances as a graphic designer and digital artist on the side out of passion. Conventional education seemed to bore him, and he began doodling instead of studying, which gradually gave way to experiments in digital manipulation, digital drawings, illustrations, posters, and typography. By chance, one of his digital works ended up being published by the Malala Fund Organisation, spurring him to refine his talent and skills. Most recently, he’s been focusing on developing user interfaces, particularly playing with colours and concepts. Ayush is currently working with Humans of Bombay (whom he met through Dysco!) and a few other startups, developing UI designs for apps and websites. He’s eager to learn as much as possible, and is keen to take up more projects so if you’re a startup or an individual who wants to work with someone who is young, and enjoys trying new things, Ayush is likely the best bet for you!


Bodhisattwa Ray

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Bodhi: If you need abstract or vibrant posters created or want to showcase experimental art and design.

Just 21 years old, Bodhi has loved art, and making art, from his early childhood. Now a graphic designer and an illustrator, he learned the concept and magic of design by watching his father, a Creative Director at multiple ad agencies, use tools and softwares like Illustrator and Photoshop. He confesses, “I don’t have a particular style of art/design, I get bored of one particular style (I’d make a terrible branding agency, I know).” Bodhi uses a lot of juxtaposing colours in his designs, often creating fluid forms that include a lot of doodling. It’s only been 9 months since he’s been working as a professional, across 3 different jobs – one at a travel and camping group called White Collar Hippie, at music and events venue Social Offline, and currently at the event management agency Wizcraft. He tells us that he is particularly proud of the gig posters and creatives he produced for popular musicians and gigs at Social – something he would love to experiment with some more. His approach to projects involves doing substantial research and turning to his inspirations – including The Big Fat Minimalist, Oliver Hibert and Joan Cornella. The featured image at the top of this article is one of Bodhi’s works!

Diptya Ghosh

Based in: Calcutta & Bangalore
Collaborate with Diptya: If you have a creative idea that needs to be translated into an entity, or want to work with a designer who bridges the gap between art and technicality in the digital space.

Diptya is a multidisciplinary visual designer, creative consultant and UI/UX designer, who creates brand identities and user interfaces. Dissatisfied with how much he was learning in college, Diptya ventured out to learn as much as possible on his own, to hone his creative skill-set and develop his style. He dabbled in photography, short video making, campaigns, and more, eventually realising that creating identities was most exhilarating for him. Designing to evoke a psychological response in an individual is his ultimate goal, and that pushes him to communicate through simplistic yet functional design. Diptya hasn’t limited himself to design agencies, but has made an effort to gain experience in visual merchandising, fashion photography, and brand management too. Why? Because, “anything that you know, learn, or do, can always be the source of some form of design inspiration.” He tells us that while the process of designing can be seen as quite technical, his process is largely organic – he enjoys understanding the demographics of end consumers in order to customise his designs. His greatest inspirations are brands that balance functional usability with subtle elegance – the new Spotify app, Ikea and Hay’s new furniture line, and United Colours of Benetton’s latest exhibition in Milan.

Kritika Trehan

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Kritika: For communication design, posters and editorials, or anything requiring text converted to visuals.

Unlike most designers, Kritika wasn’t inclined to art as a child. What she was sure of, was that she wanted to pursue a career that would never be monotonous, and that is what drew her to design. She has a penchant for all things Indian and local, and she explores tying them to cultures from other parts of the world. Despite being young, she has gathered experience by working in a studio and taking up freelance projects, widening her horizons by virtue of experimentation. She tells us about her project ‘Evolve or Devolve.’ Which focused on the art of communication and the ways in which it has changed over recent years. Kritika’s project was fully hand screen-printed, celebrating hand-labour and graphic design. Where does she find inspiration? From AIGA’s blog, It’s Nice That, Jean Jullien and James Victore’s work. Indigo Airlines’ communication is at the top of her list too! Kritika enjoys translating text into imagery, including posters, publication work, album art or editorial illustration – a dream project would be for brands like Vans, Indigo, or Independent Publications.

Malvika Ashar

Based in: Muscat, Oman
Collaborate with Malvika: If you need movie posters designed, or need branding for anything related to sports.

With a background in Advertising, Malvika works as a Digital Media Manager while taking up freelance design projects on the side. She blends her affinity for software and hardware tools, to produce a unique and distinct style of work, which took shape as a Gifting Solutions Provider, a relatively niche market in her hometown Muscat. Last year Malvika was approached by the Google Cultural Institute for their Women Empowerment Series, for which she created a series of portraits of Savitribai Phule, depicting the most important moments in her life. Her work was featured on the Google India homepage, resulting in a flood of praise and compliments, which served to motivate Malvika further! A movie, comic book and sports buff, Malvika’s greatest inspiration has been Alice X. Zhang, “I think she’s amazing, her digital paintings leave behind such a moving impression on you.” Malvika enjoys having a variety of projects to work on, keeping her mind fresh and creative – at the moment she would jump at the chance to create a Bollywood or alternative film poster, or take up the branding for anything related to sports – either for a team, an individual or a venture.

Nachiket & Meroo (aka Mechi Co. Design)

Based in: Pune
Collaborate with Mechi Co. Design: If you want nature inspired design, or need web design, branding, product packaging and illustrations.

Nachiket & Meroo met at the MIT Institute of Design 6 years ago, and their complementary backgrounds fuelled their design adventures. Combining product design and graphic design knowledge, their work is meaningful, soul-satisfying and well-thought out. Eager to draw inspiration from their surroundings, this duo are hungry for challenging, emotional and diverse projects, from branding, illustrations, UI, to social media campaigns and wall art. “Design is a voice through which we find expression. It makes us look at things differently, and plays with our opinions. We are spurred by communicating complicated ideas simply; connecting with people, and making the world a beautiful place through appealing visuals.” They’re eager to take up projects that are inspired by nature, leveraging form, space and colours to compose refreshing design. What’s amazing about this team, is their unbounded enthusiasm, energy and love for design, which they bring to every project thrown their way. Their list of inspirations and idols is lengthy, featuring names like MUTI Studio, Breakfast of Champions, Rik Ostenbroek, Armin Hoffman and more.

Prachi Deshingkar

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Prachi: If you need design work in advertising, print or publication; believe in creative freedom, innovation, and emotional design.

Prachi is a UX designer by profession, and a freelance graphic designer and illustrator too. She currently works at The Glitch, in Mumbai, while exploring as many opportunities that come her way. “Colors and forms have always allured me and they are a major part of my life… my dedication and interest lead me to pursue watercolors and oil painting professionally.” Prachi isn’t thwarted by the unexpected, she says that she refrains from developing a distinct personal style. Rather, she plays with ideation, execution and treatment of design projects, allowing her to “be a different person in a different world, every single day.” Eager to learn and much as possible, Prachi consumes diverse food, travel and culture whenever she can – especially art festivals and gigs. Her clientele have included both corporates and quirky brands. Incidentally, one of her prize projects is a classroom team project where she had to repackage Kellogs Froot Loops, which received much acclaim and praise from far corners of the globe – it even got published in Chois Magazine in Shanghai. Prachi admires the works of Gary Vaynerchuk, Badri Narayan, Sagermeister & Walsh amongst others, and is partial to AirBnB’s clean user interface, and functional design. If you’re a fan of poetry or are a whisky drinker, Prachi might be the right freelancer for you.