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These 10 Film Studios are Storytelling by Creating Powerful, Engaging, and Impactful Video Content

Video is emerging as the most popular, effective and powerful form of content marketing, and both individuals and brands are looking for talented videographers and filmmakers to create and innovate with them. Dysco has curated a list of 10 studios and individuals who are making waves in the video content creation space – Bhushan Bagadia Positives, Black Frame Collective, CATNIP Films, Curley Street Media, Dark Bird Films, Harkat Studios, Jugaad Motion Pictures, Little Fox Films, Satvika Khera and The StoryGraphers.

As the media of conversation, story portrayal and creation of awareness evolve, these visual storytellers have what it takes to create a buzz. With a passion for cinematography, documentary filmmaking, and videography, these artists have a passion for they do. Be it social awareness, experimental music videos, personalised branding or offbeat imagery, the video content creators below know what this field involves and how to break through the ordinary and make magic using their creativity. These videographers have used a variety of different work, the environment and music as inspiration for the work they create, resulting in engaging work that truly makes a difference. Their innovative content is their specialty, and these talented videographers and cinematographers are just what the world of video content needs.

Read more about each of their niches, why they started working on their projects and what pushed them to start their own studios. Browse through some of their work, and if you’re interested in collaborating with them, let them know! Message them on Dysco, or if you prefer a personal introduction, reach out to us on We’ll help you make the first move.

Bhushan Bagadia Positives

Based in: Bangalore
Why are they like no one else? Bhushan’s strong understanding of the underwater environment that has led to captivating films about the flora and fauna down under.

A cinematographer and filmmaker who specialises in the unique art of underwater videography, Bhushan Bagadia showcases an entirely new universe through his work. He started scuba diving in 2006 in the UK, and studied film in New York in 2009. His studio and his work is about combining two of his favourite things. For Bhushan, dispelling myths about the ‘dangers’ of the underwater world is his goal. He is passionate about conserving and saving the environment, and is inspired by the little things that keep him going. According to Bhushan, “What we fail to realise is that the oceans are the world and we live on their periphery. So if my videos and work can help in increasing awareness, start some dialogue around all this then I will feel I have achieved something. “ An avid traveller and a lover of the underwater world, Bhushan has logged multiple dives off the coasts of the Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, and is a certified Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver. His studio is the perfect platform for his study of marine life, and their documentation.

Collaborate with Bhushan Bagadia Positives: If you have some bearing towards conservation, and want to work on projects that revolve around wildlife and conservation. Chat with Bhushan on Dysco and see more of his work on his Facebook Page.


"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is quite clearly Ocean…"- Arthur C. Clarke(WARNING: Long post. Must read before watching video.)There are some incidents that dig so deep into your heart that you tear up every time you think about it. The happy kind of tearing up. This dive we did during the Sardine Run is that incident for me. We had a quiet day at the Sardine Run and our skipper, Tyla Du Preez, had a tip about this one spot where a few Ragged Tooth Sharks were seen. We decided to head there and dive. What none of us were prepared for was just how untouched (by man) and how beautiful a world we were about to step into. A healthy reef. A home for so many Ragged Tooth sharks. The curious sharks welcomed us so lovingly that I cannot even begin to describe what that felt like. But if I had to describe, it would be this… "For the first time I saw a part of the world untouched by man. It was mesmerisingly beautiful. The beauty of it is definitely more than what we as human beings can only try to comprehend. It welcomed us with open arms. It is now our duty to protect it. Our solemn duty!". I do hope that we do not make this a commercial dive site or even if we do then we do it with utmost respect and care. I do know that Walter Bernardis of African Watersports and his crew are the best people to decide what to do with the knowledge of this dive site. I can never thank Walter Bernardis, Tyla Du Preez and Jenni Whiteley enough for making this happen for us. For all of us on the boat, some with even 2000+ dives, this dive was on their top 10 dives ever. For me this will remain on number 1 for a long time to come. Preserve – Protect – Prosper!!I will forever be thankful that I had the opportunity to do this dive. The 7 of us will be always be the first ones to have dived there. I will always be the first Indian. 🙂

Posted by Bhushan Bagadia Positives on Sunday, 16 July 2017


Black Frame Collective

Based in: Mumbai
Why are they like no one else? Looking to define new age digital advertising, they’re eager to experiment with new technology including VR films.

Set up by brothers Arjun and Angad Singh, Black Frame Collective is a production house based in Mumbai, India. They’re a company dedicated to the creation of innovation-based solutions for commercial, corporate and entertainment purposes. Not only does Black Frame Collective produce high quality content for all their clients, they’re also committed to coming up with ideas and video concepts that are different, unique and out-of-the-box. As a team, they make sure to understand each client’s style, aesthetic and audience, and then tailor their services to suit specific needs. In fact, the Creative Director of their firm is currently shadowing one of the most celebrated and respected Bollywood Film Directors! They’ve also got a campaign for a large NGO underway. BFC’s client list includes La Folie Patisserie, Freshmenu, Truefitt & Hill, Ape Echoes, 1441 Pizzeria and Furlenco. They are looking to define new age digital advertising by continuously learning, collaborating and experimenting. What’s on the horizon for them? At the moment they’re exploring web series, feature films and the virtual reality space, so reach out to them if any of these intrigue you.

Collaborate with Black Frame Collective: They’re looking to collaborate with people who can really go out there and make things happen, the kind of people who don’t settle for anything but top quality. Chat with Angad on Dysco and check out more of their work on their website.


Based in: Mumbai
Why are they like no one else? They experiment with filming the alternative culture that the music scene has to offer.

Revolutionising digital content one experimental and alternative video at a time, CATNIP is a video production company started by Reema Sengupta and Kunal Punjabi. Based in Mumbai, this studio specialises in cultural and music-oriented content for brands and musicians and has also done work for a sci-fi aftermovie. Reema and Kunal focus on concept-based videos, use a lot of mixed media in their work and are known to have several firsts to their name: India’s first rural sci–fi music video, India’s first 360 tiny planet video, India’s first sci-fi aftermovie and India’s first animated aftermovie. CATNIP has produced music videos for artists like Prateek Kuhad and Alluri, and have also produced music-based advertising content for Tissot Watches, Bacardi NH7 Weekender and The Lost Party 2016. Their offbeat take on the world of music and its portrayal is their niche in this business.

Collaborate with CATNIP: If you’re a musician or a band that wants some unique video content created. You can see more of their work on Vimeo.

Curley Street

Based in: Bangalore
Why are they like no one else? Curley Street makes films about the Uncomfortable, the Awkward and the Complex. Stuff that is ignored.

Curley Street is a multi-award winning creative film production company with a portfolio of over 200 films on themes ranging from Human Rights to Fashion, Technology to the Environment and Healthcare to Art. Films are commonly viewed as a device for escapism. Curley Street strives for the opposite. There is clear evidence that the awareness their films generate has a demonstrable impact. With more video content being created than ever before, there is a need for entities like Curley Street to find creative ways to make people listen, care and act. Brands and audiences are looking for authenticity and Curley Street are amongst the few that can persuade audiences to engage with the subject. After a decade of freelance filmmaking, Pavitra Chalam founded Curley Street in 2012. “I gravitated towards non-fiction film-making because I believed that real life stories deserved to be told with beauty and respect. I founded Curley Street to bring important human narratives into Indian homes” says Pavitra. Their feature documentary ‘Indelible’, India’s official film on Down syndrome won the Asia-Pacific Outstanding Documentary Award in Australia.

Collaborate with Curley Street: They want to continue collaborating with brands that are driven to influence change through film. They offer 6-month internships to select professionals skilled in the art of filmmaking – scripting, screenplay and production. Chat with Curley Street on Dysco, see more of their work on their website, or subscribe to their Youtube channel.

Dark Bird Films

Based in: Bangalore
Why is he like no one else? Pratheek’s breathtaking portrayal of nature untouched by humans will undoubtedly evoke a sense of wanderlust in you.

Started by Pratheek Shetty, Dark Bird films is a studio that produces travel films that are portrayed in a whimsical and breath-taking way. Pratheek, who is a cinematographer and video editor, is passionate about travel and filmmaking, and has found a way to marry these passions in his studio. He has edited a variety of advertisements, documentaries and has colour graded as well as edited many a wildlife-centric film. A connoisseur of the great outdoors, Pratheek brings fresh perspectives to the art of filmmaking, appreciating the environment around him, and taking in the beauty of nature. He also assists in the making and editing of feature films such as the Kannada film Ondu Motteya Kathe. Pratheek did a solo ride to Ladak in June this year, which took him a total of 17 days and 18 nights! At the moment he’s working on editing the footage from that trip, while working as a video editor for RoundGlass Samsara, a company that works to bring about environmental awareness and sustainability.

Collaborate with Dark Bird Films: Reach out to them for environmental protection, nature and sustainability-related work. They’re looking for like-minded assistants to help on shoots. Chat with Prateek on Dysco and see more of their work on their website.

Harkat Studios

Based in: Mumbai, Delhi and Berlin
Why are they like no one else? Their passion for storytelling goes beyond their own team, and they actively work towards spreading it amongst their growing community. They are boutique video content creators that explore art and alternative cinema.

An international boutique studio, Harkat Studios is dedicated to creating visual storytelling wonders. Based in Berlin, Mumbai and Delhi, Harkat weaves together stories with their love of designing, filmography and grandeur. While the studio’s primary focus is creating visual content, they are also an alternative performance space in Mumbai as well as a co-working space for artists. What makes them unique is their ability to create a space of collaboration between clients and enabling them to find their passions and support them. One of the 10 Most Influential Cultural Spaces in India, Harkat Studios curate their own performances as well. Harkat engages with their clients to create moving images that focus on their visions, imbibing them in the process, and enabling clients to contribute towards the creation of the video and its journey. Says Michaela Strobel, co-founder, “We also wanted to combine creating art and films into something that’s not abstract but almost part of everyday life. Using so called ‘high art’ in any and every work that we do and straining it again and again to make it accessible. Keeping alternative cinema close to our heart, our design arm continues to create key art for Indian independent film.” The Harkat team comprises of creative professionals from different backgrounds, and are bound together by similar tastes in art. Their portfolio includes work for clients such as Playboy, Unilever, and the Walt Disney Company.

Collaborate with Harkat Studios: For projects that tie art and film together, to create a cultural dialogue through video, or if you’re interested in creative collaboration with diverse and passionate people. Chat with Mika or Harkat Studios on Dysco, and see more of their work on their website.

Jugaad Motion Pictures

Based in: Mumbai
Why are they like no one else? They go the extra mile to add detailed elements of surprise in every frame they shoot and every word they write.

Founded by Dheer Momaya and Sakshi Khanna, Jugaad Motion Pictures produces feature films, advertisements, and documentaries. Jugaad MP has a had a deep focus in making feature-narrative films. The Jugaad team and their projects have been travelling all over the globe! Their first film, titled “Teen Aur Aadha” was co-produced by acclaimed Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and will have its Indian premier at the International Film Festival of Kerala. The film will then travel to 12 different countries, to festivals where it has been selected. Their second feature production titled “Namdev Bhau” is in the final stages of post-production and was filmed primarily in Ladakh. Their next project is an Indo-Italian co-production titled “Nuns” will be filmed entirely in Tuscany in 2018. Alongside this they have ventured into making TVCs and Digital Ad-films (for which they have also partnered up with Meraki Films) which have their own quirky and absurd take on boosting consumerism. The team doesn’t solely rely on agency written content and is focussed on developing independent campaigns with their own unique narrative styles. Their clientele includes Oral B,, Smokin Joes, Pampers, Whisper, Shell, Chevrolet Lipton, and of course Dysco!

Collaborate with Jugaad: For more stylistic, absurd and unique video content. Chat with Producer & Director Dheer or Writer & Director Daria on Dysco.

Little Fox Films

Based in: Bangalore
Why are they like no one else? They create stunning stop-motion visuals, and have an eye for the often unseen side of creativity.

Little Fox Films, run by Nihal Anand and Joanna Davala, is a quirky and warm home-based stop-motion animation studio. Their collaboration is based in Bangalore, and the studio has birthed many an impactful film for companies looking for branding, bands looking for an off-beat music video, and even for wedding invitations that need a personalised touch. Experimentation with stop-motion and starting the company was their way of getting away from the corporate life. As they put it, “So it made sense to give up on everything else and take this up full time. Right?” They use paper cutouts for their films, and visualise their ideas physically before working on the animation and motion graphics. They also do some work in digital motion graphics, and almost all their films feature original soundtracks that they produce themselves! Little Fox Films is also helping to create awareness in the space of mental health, and is in the process of making a series of films for the Live Love Laugh Foundation. Nihal and Joanna are always look for new and interesting work, and always trying to broaden their style within this genre. Says Nihal, “We love working with people who appreciate art in advertising.”

Collaborate with Little Fox Films: Reach out to them particularly if you need music videos, wedding videos, or for mental health-related work. Chat with Little Fox Films on Dysco or see more of their work on their website.

Satvika Khera

Based in: Mumbai / Kolkata
Why is she like no one else? Satvika’s passion for advocating human rights, and her talent as a filmmaker, has created a fire in her to educate the world about pressing issues.

A human rights videographer with a passion for social justice and documentary production, Satvika Khera is a professional human rights researcher, advocate, and videographer. “What inspires me the most is human stories and building on them to create an impact on the individual and how society perceives an issue, story or perspective,” she says. Her penchant for filmmaking has helped her make great strides in this field. She has been building video content for NPOs about social issues, which gave her the opportunity to explore topics including human trafficking and gun violence. Her work has evoked an aura of passion and strong empathy, which is and paralleled and showcased in her films. Satvika has worked with Reporters Without Borders, as well as for the James Foley Legacy Foundation where her work was chosen to be a part of the James W. Foley Guide on Journalists’ Safety. Satvika has also produced video content that created awareness around child trafficking in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Collaborate with Satvika: If you’re an NGOs & NPOs who wants powerful content created, or if you share her passion for the “intersection of communications and the social sector.” Chat with Satvika on Dysco and see more of her work on her website.

The StoryGraphers

Based in: New Delhi
Why are they like no one else? They use memorable video documentaries as a medium to raise awareness for social issues.

A team consisting of filmmakers, photographers, writers and cinematographers, the Storygraphers capture life around them in a memorable manner. Portraying issues such as the rights of the LGBT community, and the fight against human trafficking, The Storygraphers have worked with influencers, celebrities and activists to create campaigns that bring attention to social issues in the country. Before starting this studio, the 6 members of the Storygraphers worked in different capacities for a renowned NGO. They got together to cover an event for the organisation, and the feedback to the video that they made is what pushed them to do something on their own: “With an aim to create sensible, intellectual and creative content for ourselves and for others, we came up with the idea of starting up The Storygraphers.” They won the HART Prize in 2016 for their documentary on human trafficking in 2016, which spread awareness about education for all. The team participated in Yes Bank’s ‘Yes I am the Change’ 101 hour movie-making challenge in 2015, and their entry, ‘Changing Habits’ highlighted the need for the youth in India to stand up to crimes against women. The Storygraphers pride themselves on thoughtfulness and precision in their work, as they create visual content that makes strong statements.

Collaborate with The StoryGraphers: Reach out to them for work related to social impact and social justice issues. They especially enjoy working with people who are true to themselves. Chat with The StoryGraphers on Dysco and see more of their work on their website or their Youtube Channel.

This Curated List was compiled by Janani Balasundar for Dysco. Janani is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader whose interests lie in the nuances of English and grammar. With a camera in hand and a book in her bag, Janani loves to travel the world and capture the best of it on her Instagram handle; @wide.eyed.turtle. She also enjoys playing the ukulele and is interested in fitness. Chat with Janani on Dysco if you’re interested in collaborating.