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Looking for exceptional illustrators? Work with these 8 diverse and unique artists

We’ve handpicked a selection of illustrators who have unique styles and identities. Each person listed here is passionate about their work, has taken time to develop their skills and is currently looking for new collaboration opportunities. We’ve taken time to get to know a bit about each of them, and shared it with you so that you can connect with artists whose work and story resonates with you. They’re presented in reverse alphabetical order; you can click on their names to view their Dysco profile, where you can see more of their work, find their social accounts and chat with them to work together. 

Yogesh Bhusare

Originally from Nasik, Yogesh works as a Senior Art Director in Mumbai, and is simultaneously working on Awwsome, his design and product brand. He graduated with a degree in Commercial Arts, and places immense importance on the creative process, expanding his artistic knowledge and developing new skills. He particularly enjoys doodling, and has explored it in multiple different ways, most impressively 8 doodles for various domestic airports in India, as part of a project initiated by Delhi University. “The art world is full of finished pieces and final drafts that seem to create a barrier between the artist who made it and those viewing,” says Yogesh, who believes that context, process, and the journey of artists, both inside and outside the studio, is equally important in building a connection between artists and enthusiasts. Currently he’s focusing on large scale pieces, the kind that would make people drop everything and look in wonder. Praising what digital and physical platforms are doing for artists, he follows the works of Sameer Kuvaloor, Aditya Chari and Mukesh Singh for inspiration. “Supplying galleries worldwide and to travel with my art is the dream.” He’s open to all collaborations, with those who resonate with his style.

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Yogesh: If you need large scale doodles, mostly for outdoor events, concerts and shows, or anywhere requiring huge illustrations. See more of his work, and chat with Yogesh on Dysco here.

Tanya Maheshwari

While still studying in college, an ongoing existential crisis finally paved the way for Tanya’s imaginative illustrations. Studying Knitwear, she begain experimenting with fashion illustrations. “I’ve been working with the style for a while, like really emaciated figures, squiggly bodies and fingers, a sort of messy face with ‘flawed’ features,” she says. Guided and mentored by her Professor, Smita Dastidar, Tanya refined her style and technique gradually. Obsessed with art, she took to drawing on every surface possible, and recently compiled a bunch of her illustrations and artworks for a magazine. House of Malakai and Aitor Throup are inspirations for her, as well as unskilledworker, an illustrator whom she stumbled upon by chance, and immediately thought “Oh wait, that’s me!”

Based in: New Delhi
Collaborate with Tanya: If you need fashion illustrations, emaciated figures, textile projects. You can chat with Tanya on Dysco here.

Swati Banerjee

Swati’s designs are minimal, elegant and clean, and as she describes it, “to feed the soul.” As someone averse to clutter and distractions, she experiments with textures, contrasts and gradients to enhance her subjects. It wasn’t a direct path to illustration for Swati; she graduated with a Journalism degree, worked at Ogilvy & Mather, dropped out of Shristi School of Art, began photography and sketching and eventually found her place. She now formally works as a UI / UX designer for VR, AR, and app and website interfaces. She draws inspiration from not one, but from numerous sources, which you can find in her curated feed of music, short films, interfaces, writers and more. “I’ve always found inspiration in my own company. It probably sounds sad (it really isn’t), but I love spending time by myself, I can spend hours and days by myself and not get bored.” Less is truly more, Swati’s perspective is reflected in her personality and her work. If you’re someone who is able to give love and time to a project or can teach her a thing or two on Illustrator or Photoshop, definitely reach out to her.

Based in: Bangalore
Collaborate with Swati: For unclutterd, elegant and minimal design; digital or non-digital project, print, video and different mediums. See more of her work and chat with Swati on Dysco here.

Sourabh Singh

A concept artist, illustrator and game artist, 24 year old Sourabh juggles a full time job and freelances on the side. “My work is mainly semi-cartoon style, blending the aesthetic of reality with the exaggeration offered by fantasy,” he describes. Following his passion to pursue an unconventional career path, Sourabh says it wasn’t an easy task convincing his family who had more traditional aspirations for him. Inspired by one of his teachers, Mr Jayanta Roy Chaudhary, Sourabh is largely self-taught, researching online and gaining experience in animation and gaming. A fan of nature and mountainous terrain, Sourabh’s illustrations often reflect his visual inspirations, which he recreates with artistic liberty. The most ambitious project he worked on was for a SURPLEPLAY game, for which he created over 20 characters and 100 map screens. With a goal in mind to compete globally, he follows acclaimed artists like Sparth, J.C. Park, and Josiah Brooks amongst others. “I am looking to collaborate with people or brands who like artists to believe in creative freedom, and understand that it takes time to create a unique piece.”

Based in: Indore
Collaborate with Sourabh: If you need illustrations for games, movies, character animation, in a style that blends reality and fantasy. He’s also available for cover design, sticker design and concept art too. See more of his work and chat with Sourabh on Dysco here.

Shreya Gulati

Originally from Haryana, Shreya is an illustrator and designer whose work is bold, clean and quirky. A creative daydreamer from a young age, she enjoys analysing and deconstructing the subjects of her illustration. “I have more fun in playing with the individual parts, rather than the beauty of the whole,” she explains, resulting in each works being entirely unique, free, and independent on any particular style. A strong believer in equality and freedom of choice, Shreya is most proud of her Shakuntala Devi’s The World of Homosexuals artwork, created for Indianama 2016, and displayed at London Design Festival 2017. She received a lot of praise for this work, which was even more impactful because it was a project close to her heart; “I believe in equal rights for everyone. Here was a beautiful story that was received so beautifully by everyone.” Shreya’s work is often about positivity, “I want people to look at my work and feel sexy and good about themselves,” she says while describing her nude illustrations, “it’s about feeling yourself and loving who and what you are.”  Always up for a challenge, she’s eager to pursue print work and book illustrations.

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Shreya: If you want bold, clean and quirky work, book illustrations or want to explore sexuality and the female form. See more of her work, find her website and chat with Shreya on Dysco here.

Pratik Doshi

Pratik is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer and draws inspiration from the quote “Substance over Style”. He believes a person’s substance makes us them unique, while styles and trends come and go. He loves being part of creative processes that traverse through various visual art expressions such as wall murals, character sketches, doodling, caricatures and conceptual art. “I started learning and experimenting with arts 10 years back and the learning still continues”, says Pratik, who believes that art can be reinvented limitlessly. Based in Mumbai, he co-founded a design agency called “Create Cut Paste”, where he has taken up diverse projects and helped brands bring their ideas to life. Pratik has also partnered with big production houses to develop visual and set design aspects for TV and film work. A project close to his heart is the wall art he created for an event management company in Bangalore, painting the client’s entire service portfolio in black and white. In fact, one of his wall arts created during IPL 2016 still adorns the Wankhede Stadium. Rafael Mayani and Fernanda Ribeiro are few of the artists that he follows. Pratik takes up big and small assignments with equal gusto and commitment. He is always open to having discussions about creative expressions of art.

Based in: Mumbai
Collaborate with Pratik: If you want a mural or decal with animated figures or character illustrations (think Chumbak!). See more of his work or chat with Pratik on Dysco here.

Percy Tabitha

Percy is a freelance sketch and watercolour artist who recently found her roots in illustration. Being an architecture student, her interests always lied more on the artistic side of the spectrum rather than the structural. “I had my little drawing skills which I thought were pretty useless. One day, I took a sheet, stuck it to the wall and painted with my fingers ‘i. am. not. an. artist.’ and to my surprise, it came out quite well,” she says. While she has been illustrating poems till now, she is now looking to expand, and is open to collaborations for printables, and interior decor artworks.  “My work has always been about a honest expression, it blows my mind how human emotions work and effect,” Percy adds.

Based in: Bangalore
Collaborate with Percy: If you’re looking for someone who can illustrate your poems and written work. See more of her social accounts and chat with Percy on Dysco here.

Aakansha Menon

Originally from Chennai, and currently in Bangalore, Aakansha’s work is easy going and quirky. Her illustrations seem to match her personality – with just a bit of minimalism thrown in for some (un)flair. She founded Hued Spirit (like a colourful soul), right out of college to give her own artwork a platform. She’s also a fashion designer, being a graduate from NIIFT Bangalore. “Hued Spirit is just the first step to becoming a upcoming global brand,” she adds. Being a foodie, you will find a lot of food art in her illustrations, which she deliberately tries to sneak in! Growing up in a supportive family has been motivating for her, and has pushed her to grow as an artist. “I make illustrations to pass my time and the feeling of creating something is priceless,” she says. She looking for opportunities to create cover pages for novels and storybooks. She also is looking to explore the arenas of wall art and decals for cafes, offices and any other spaces that might call for it.

Based in: Bangalore
Collaborate with Aakansha: If you’re looking for someone with quirky yet minimalist style, who can illustrate cover pages for books, walls art and decals. See more of her work, links to her portfolio , and chat with Aakansha on Dysco here.

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