About Dysco

Dysco is short for discover. Dysco is designed to find.

The most talented people across the world love what they do. If you find your work really interesting, chances are that others will too.

On Dysco, you can discover people doing innovative things, find local work opportunities, search for those who you would like to work with, or get your own work discovered by others.

Dysco Blurb

We use this space to feature job openings that we think are really cool, share interviews with people doing extraordinary things, let you know who is hosting interesting events that you can participate in, and give you an insight into the lives of people from diverse industries.

You can directly interact with each blurb on the Dysco app. If we’re putting out content that’s relevant to you, you’ll see it the next time you’re on Dysco.

Dysco Offline

Dysco enables collaborations, campaigns
and events – both online and offline.

Tell us what you’re trying to do, and we can help you find a solution. It could be coming up with an idea, a concept, a plan or a strategy – we’ll dip into Dysco’s network and find you the right people to work with.

We’re all about getting to know the real people, not faceless brands. If you have a vision, we can help you bring it to life, in the form of engaging connections, experiences and content.

People we



Co Founder & CEO

Khrisha focuses on strategy and the product, and then puts together content around it, both visual and written. She hopes to build a cabin in a forest surrounded by small animals, particularly sloths and lemurs. She can’t cook, but you can win her over with any dessert incorporating bananas.



Co-Founder & COO

Mishal keeps things organised, whether it’s bills, documents or people. We suspect he might have been a leader of a past empire, given his fondness for epic films. His most prized possession is his ever-growing boarding pass collection; which he’s convinced might include a ticket to the red planet.



Creative Consultant

Krishnaa is a crossmedia experience designer, who specialises in branding, editorial design, styling and interaction design. He likes to bring the best of both worlds into his designs, which are known for their sophisticated simplicity and thoughtful details. The idea of being a damn good designer is what wakes him up in the morning. In his spare time he curates music, or drives far out to the coast. Oh and hookah; he loves hookah! 


Content Writer

Mana is the content writer, forming and organising new ideas before crafting articles and features. She is a secret ballet dancer and an avid reader – you can always find a great book in her bag! Brimming with enthusiasm and energy, she’s ready to take on any challenge armed with just pen and paper.


Wordpress Developer

Girija is our resident wordpress developer at Dysco. She maintains our website & looks after it’s design, coding and comes speedily to rescue us from website disasters! She’s both an eager and a fast learner, with a perpetual smile on her face. Probably because in her down time, she’s daydreaming about being on a beach listening to some good music.

Contact Us

If you’re someone who prefers human interaction, and you want to talk to us, that’s great. Because we prefer that too. To join us or work with us, drop us an email at info@dyscoapp.com and we’ll set up a phone call or a meeting at the earliest.