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Your social network for local professional discovery. The way we work is changing. It’s digital, it’s social, it’s different.

So is Dysco.

What's Dysco

Dysco is a platform for people to create a professional identity and showcase their work. It’s a place to advertise and discover great talent. A network to find skilled people who can provide the services you seek. On Dysco you can collaborate with people, hire them, or create exciting opportunities together.

Yolo. Don’t Dysco solo

People work better together. Dysco is for everyone – creatives and entrepreneurs; agencies and brands; professionals and amateurs; freelancers and independent workers. If you want to share your work, a job opportunity or an ad campaign, Dysco is the place to do it.

Putting the Dysco in discover

On Dysco, social meets professional. Share video links, audio clips, blog posts, articles and photos. Dedicated professional networking, that’s easy, fun and flexible. Finding your next job or team member is fun on Dysco.

Dysco is made for you. Yes. You

You hire, network & collaborate with those around you, usually via word-of-mouth or Google search. Dysco makes this easier and more relevant to you. What you find on Dysco is connected to your city, your interests and your social network.

Dysco is nimble, Dysco is quick

Searching is far from simple. #Designer? #GraphicDesigner? #GraphicDesignerMumbai? Dysco is is organised intuitively. The result – you find what you want. Actually, you even find what you didn’t know you want. Dysco knows you better than you know yourself!

If you’re a people person, you can Dysco

Dysco enables personal connections and digital interactions. You communicate with an entity, but you resonate with an individual. On Dysco you discover the faces behind logos, and the humans behind screens. It's a community where brands and people come together.

How do you want to Dysco?

On Dysco it's easy to make meaningful conversations. Let people know what you're looking for - collaborations, networking, or a new job. Dysco brings interesting people and opportunities together.

What's on the floor

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Browse profile cards to discover talent around you

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Explore different professions relevant to your work

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Personal Profile

One place for all your relevant information and links

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Content and curated collections to pique your interest



Co Founder & CEO

Content and strategy, innovating and ideating.

Khrisha completed her B.A in Political Economy at UC Berkeley, and obtained an MSc. in Social Policy and Development from the LSE. She spent a year working in technology consulting at Accenture in London, primarily for clients within public services, media and communications. Eventually, she found her place in Mumbai, where her diverse interests and her passion for people coalesced to form Dysco.


Co-Founder & COO

Finance and operations, problem-solving and management.

An NYU and Westminster alumnus, Mishal has deep experience across business, manufacturing and engineering. Inherently enterprising, he brings a wealth of expertise in setting up and building disparate ventures. His ability to battle unexpected challenges is what pushes Dysco forward, especially in India’s dynamic and unpredictable business environment.

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